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Our workshop aims to draw participants into debate and put the spotlight on their own opinions before addressing the legal framework. The content of each workshop varies slightly depending on age group and special educational needs. We use a PowerPoint presentation and a selection of exercises to bring the content to life.

Key Learning Points

What is consent?

What are the legal consequences of a sexual offence?

How do we reduce the risk of sexual violence?

What are the steps to take should this happen to you (or someone you know)?

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Recent Workshops

  • Gender sensitivity training for CRPF personnel in partnership with National Law University, Delhi

  • Workshop at Prayas Observation Home (a shelter home for boys) with 14-16 year old boys accused of murder, sexual harm etc. in partnership with the Counsel to Secure Justice

  • Training of Trainers (local organizations supporting women's rights) in Ranchi in partnership with Jagori and Safecities

  • Workshops at community centres for community leaders from Kutumb Foundation

  • Workshop for community volunteers from Humsafar, a support centre for women in crisis, in Lucknow

Our Workshops: About Us

Book A Workshop

Our workshops last for 60-90 minutes. Given their interactive nature, we request that participants are limited to a maximum of 35 students (we are happy to run multiple and/or back-to-back workshops). We run workshops in both English and Hindi.

To book a workshop, please write to us at with your name, phone number and email address, and the name and address of your university / school / organization, as well as any specific requirements you may have.

Our Workshops: About Us
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