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Breaking the Silence around Consent

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We deliver interactive workshops to school and university age students on what consent means and the key statutory sexual offences, answering their legal questions with accuracy and experience.

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To break the silence around consent and reduce rates of sexual violence in the long-term


Ultimately, our initiative aims to empower participants to take informed decisions with respect to consent, and to promote a culture wherein it is normal to give, withhold, check for and withdraw consent. In time, we hope that our project will act as a preventive tool against rising sexual violence.

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An excellent exposition on consent and related subjects [...] Simple, yet all details were clearly enumerated.

Archana Kaul, Srijanatmak Manushi Sanstha

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More workshops of this kind that approach issue head on instead of skirting around issues are welcome. Highly educative.

Ruby Bhardwaj, Janki Devi Memorial College

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The workshop was informative as it provided conceptual clarity of 'Consent'. Also, it provided knowledge about the legal aspects of consent. The hypothetical situations and their analytical solutions helped to test one's understanding of consent.

Dr. Jayshree Tandekar, Assistant Professor, Gargi College

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The workshop was very good and very useful. Everything was discussed openly, which usually does not happen, leading to students remaining in doubt. Now, they will know what consent is.

Sunita Narang, IPEx Bhawan

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Most students said they are better informed now about consent and will make better decisions about consenting and accepting rejection in different places and relationships.

They found the content accessible and lucid.

They found the engaging approach and attitude of the facilitators useful.

62% of participants shared that they had never discussed the topic of ‘Consent and Rejection’ seriously before attending the workshop.

98% of participants shared that they feel more empowered to take informed decisions about consent after the workshop.

“I feel empowered.”

“It was explained to me in a way that no other session/talk on sexual harassment has explained it, and I have attended many.”

Feedback from students

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